Hormone Health Coaching

My coaching is for you if you want to…

• Feel more energized, confident and comfortable in your own body.
• Feel more balanced, calmer & positive.
• Take control over your health so you’re no longer held back by low energy, your period symptoms, or other hormonal challenges.
• Feel proud of yourself for prioritizing your wellbeing & investing in it.
• Finally be able to stick with healthy habits that allow you to achieve your goals.
• Stop piecing together overwhelming information from Instagram & actually have custom guidance and accountability from a Certified Holistic Health Coach.

Your symptoms don’t have to be the “norm.” No more guess work & “hoping” your health gets better

Custom private health coaching isn’t a cookie cutter approach or something that just focuses on one topic like nutrition.

Instead, we take a holistic approach & address the root causes of your symptoms so that they don’t keep growing or coming back. We focus on the whole picture including…
• the menstrual cycle
• nutrition
• blood sugar
• gut health
• stress 
• movement
• sleep

Hormonal imbalances are so common these days, but that does not make them normal. They can create a whole series of nasty symptoms which are only getting worse over years if you’re not doing anything about them. Especially if you’re young and want to conceive, it’s best to address these imbalances as soon as possible as they can impact your fertility.


• Understand what triggers your symptoms so you can take control over your health, digestion & energy levels.
• Improve skin appearance, improve digestion, gain all-day energy.
• Reduce period pain, cravings, bloat & PMS symptoms.
• Get accountability, motivation, and support so you can reach your goals even on days when you’re not feeling like it.
• Get the tools you need to optimize nutrition, sleep, movement and other lifestyle factors without overwhelm.
• Work with a personalized approach that’s focused on and created for you and your specific symptoms.

Client testimonials

Samera United Kingdom

I have been working with Femke and have found her to be very attentive. She will listen to your health history very carefully and is able to pinpoint what may be going on. I have been having symptoms for years and for me it was my blood sugar. I have found no other health coach mention blood sugar and how what you eat may be affecting your blood sugar and in turn cause all the symptoms. Femke gave me the information I needed and I implemented the changes and started to see the results very fast. I am feeling better, have lost weight and am sleeping better. Thank you Femke for this amazing program.

Marlene The Netherlands

Femke is an accessible coach with an open mind. She has helped me with my irregular periods, acne and period cramps. Femke asks the right questions and listens carefully to what you encounter, so that she can help you in a targeted way. She also has a lot of knowledge about the female hormone system and regularly sends practical tips, recipes or facts. During my coaching I learned a lot from Femke about nutrition and my blood sugar level. I now know better what does and doesn't work for my body. This has helped me so much in achieving my health goals!

Kate Greece

Working with Femke as my hormone health coach has been life-changing. Her expertise, empathy, and overall approach have transformed my well-being. Through personalized guidance and tailor-made support, she helped me understand the root causes of my hormonal imbalances and provided effective strategies to achieve balance. One aspect that truly sets Femke apart is her holistic approach to hormone health. She recognized that achieving balance requires addressing not just the physical symptoms but also the emotional and mental aspects of well-being. Her guidance extended beyond dietary recommendations and included self-care strategies. I cannot recommend Femke enough to anyone struggling with hormone imbalances and wants to optimize their overall well-being.

Francisca Portugal

I reached out Femke because of my period cramps. I struggled with that for a long time and I used to suffer a lot. In only one session Femke helped me to reduce those cramps and I just got my second pain free period, by changing and adding some nutrients to my diet! Thank you Femke.

Ruth Ireland

In just one session with Femke, my PMS symptoms got way, way better. I was always extremely anxious and stressed at that time of the month, more irritable, less patient. Femke took the time to get to know me, understand my lifestyle and the impact of my PMS on my life. And then we came up with a plan for me to follow. She offered ideas around nutrition, sleep or relaxation + ways to tweak those ideas to adapt them to my lifestyle even more. And then she offered to do a check-in a few weeks later to see how I was getting on. This is the first time in a long time that I’m not as dysregulated the week before my period and it feels amazing. Massive game changer! Thank you, Femke, for your generosity and professionalism!

Jasmijn The Netherlands

Femke is a coach who adapts well to the client and always checks if a solution is feasible. This ensures that the step is not so big to start with new habits and also keep them. I tried changing my eating habits and exercise more in the past, but just couldn't keep up. Femke listened carefully to me and also helped me to get a better picture of the impact of my own habits. I quickly noticed a difference with a stomach ache complaint I had for which I simply switched up milk and now I no longer suffer. I gained more insight into my own cycle and I'm also more often outside early to get some morning sun, which has a positive effect on my mood and energy. I'm very happy with the help I got and definitely recommend others who suffer from menstrual complaints to have Femke as their coach!

Emily United Kingdom

Femke is an excellent Holistic Health Coach and Nutritionist. She is an authentic, caring person who is extremely passionate about optimizing health and wellbeing. Femke will work with you one-to-one, creating a protocol which is realistic and tailored to your specific needs and goals. Femke offers regular and consistent support, and creates an environment where you feel valued, listened to, and respected. I 100% recommend her!

Lobke The Netherlands

Femke has really helped me to live a healthier life. She is a great coach with easy to implement and good tips. I definitely recommend her if you want to live a healthier life but just need an extra push.

Chanel The Netherlands

Femke motivates me to be the best version of myself. Thanks to Femke, I now know better what works and doesn't work for me. She is a good listener and gives great tips. I feel much better about myself and have more energy since I started the coaching with Femke.

What to expect


Free discovery call

We will start off with a free & non-binding discovery call. There’s a questionnaire for you to fill out prior to the call to make the call go smoother. We will go over the questionnaire during the discovery call, dive deeper into some topics, discuss your challenges and goals and I will make sure I get all the information I need to see if I can help you. You will also have the time to ask all of your questions. If we decide to work together, we will end the call by scheduling our first session and get you all set up to start the program.


The coaching sessions

During the sessions we will talk about how you’re doing, what’s going on for you, any obstacles there might be and how to overcome them. Then we will come up with some next steps. These are all to improve nutrition, movement, stress, sleep, etc. starting with what you need most at that moment. We are going to evaluate these steps during the next session and make some adjustments if necessary and come up with new ones if everything went well. After each session, I will send you a recap of the session by email, which also includes the next steps.


In between coaching sessions

You should know exactly what your next steps are after each session and you can print these out or save them somewhere on your phone so they’re within reach for you. Outside of our sessions you will still have unlimited access to me through WhatsApp (text & voice memo) and email. This is for support, questions, accountability and anything you might need. I will also do regular check-ins to see how you’re doing and help you through accountability. You can also go over the bonus materials that include tracking sheets, guides, and learning resources.



Once the 3 months have ended and we've had our 6 coaching sessions, you have the option to extend the coaching if you feel like that's needed. We can talk more about that once we've entered that point. You get to keep all the bonus materials! 

Coaching options


3 months


• 6 virtual coaching sessions (1 hour each, bi-weekly)
• 3 months of unlimited WhatsApp access for support & questions
• Accountability with regular check-ins
• Custom wellness plan to resolve your obstacles
• Recap message with next steps sent after each session

• Bonus materials including tracking sheets, guides, and learning resources


One-time investment of €975
or 3 monthly investments of €350 each



• 60 minute virtual consult

Are you someone who is short on time, you don’t want to commit to long-term coaching (yet), but still want to transform your health? A single coaching session is perfect for you!

You will get customized support and immediate breakthroughs during our session. You will leave the session with next steps that are focused on your unique needs & goals, which you will receive by email as well after the session.

 One-time investment of €97


Coaching Program


3 months


• 6 virtual coaching sessions (1 hour each, bi-weekly)
• 3 months of unlimited WhatsApp access for support & questions
• Accountability with regular check-ins
• Custom wellness plan to resolve your obstacles
• Recap message with next steps sent after each session
• Bonus materials including tracking sheets, guides, and learning resources

One-time investment of €975
or 3 monthly investments of €350 each



A Holistic Health Coach helps clients reach their health and wellness goals, whether if it is weight loss, stress management, boosting energy or other specific health related challenges. The holistic approach to health and wellness means a Health Coach will look at how all parts of your life affect your health as a whole, from movement, nutrition, career, and environment to stress and so much more.

There doesn’t exist such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to our physical, mental, emotional and nutritional needs and what works for you may not work for anyone else. Holistic Health Coaches look at each clients unique needs and goals to help them reach sustainable lifestyle changes.

The custom coaching, habit changing techniques, and hormone balancing support I provide helps clients use proven, science-based steps to achieve their goals.

Before we start off with the 3 month program, we have a free and non-binding 30-minute discovery call. During this call we’ll discuss your challenges, goals, and find out if we’d make a good team.

The Hormone Reset Program is 3 months, but you have the possibility of extension when the 3 months have ended. During these 3 months, you get unlimited support and regular check-ins through WhatsApp and email.

If you go for a single coaching session, the 60 minutes of the session will be the support you get. If you'd like, you can always book more single sessions.

Custom coaching options are available as well. Feel free to send me an email at info@femshealth.com or DM on Instagram @femshealth to learn more.

I offer a payment plan and custom coaching options are available as well. Feel free to send me an email at info@femshealth.com or DM on Instagram @femshealth to learn more.

Do you have the money but aren’t sure if it’s worth it? Coaching is an investment in yourself and your health that can…
• Save you loads of money by not having to pay for BIGGER problems and even MORE symptom management later on.
• Save you money from buying wellness fad products and trends you don’t need… Instead, you will know what supplements, foods, and other products make the most sense for YOUR personal goals & situation.
• Save you time from having to make your own health plan by piecing general information together from the internet that might not even apply to you.
• Unlock new habits, confidence, skills, & wellbeing that enhance how you show up in every other area of your life.

Ask yourself: how bad do I want to get rid of my symptoms?

If you have no budget at all to hire a coach but want to work on your symptoms, you can get my free Cycle Syncing Guide and watch my free 'Balancing Your Hormones with the Power of Nutrition' Masterclass. This might help you with some symptoms. I also share free tips that might help you on my Instagram @femshealth.

The lifestyle changes can be incorporated into your current lifestyle without needing hours on end or adding inconvenience. During our sessions, I can help you navigate how you can take care of yourself with the time you have & how to make healthy habits doable. Eventually, doing things like meal prepping might sound like they take a lot of time but in the end you will actually save time by batching & not having to cook every single day.

Are you tired of having your symptoms so often and do you want to get rid of them? Would you be willing to implement changes in lifestyle (think of nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, etc.) if that helps you get rid of your complaints? If your answer to these questions is yes, I think you’re more than ready to get started right away!

Why wait when you can make change right now?

YES! Having a healthy gut is so extremely important for balanced hormones so it’s something we start working on early in the program.

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